Ordering Non-Plagiarized Essays Is Now Easier Than Ever

When you are writing essays, no plagiarism is one of the key requirements to get a good grade and keep your reputation as a hard-working and diligent student. Most students are well aware of the fact that plagiarism is a very serious offense and do whatever it takes to deliver perfectly original work.

At the same time, many students today resort to ordering essays from online academic writing services due to the lack of time or other problems with their studies. And this is where the problem of plagiarism can start to arise.

Unfortunately, not every academic writing service takes the plagiarism issue seriously. In fact, they can use plagiarized fragments in your paper and put you under the threat of failing the paper and ruining your reputation at school. The good news is that these problems can be easily avoided by ordering free non-plagiarized essays from reputable writing services.

What Can Happen If You Plagiarize an Essay?

If you have never been caught plagiarizing your paper, you may think that having some plagiarized fragments in an essay is absolutely not a big deal. However, submitting a plagiarized paper is essentially you trying to pass another person’s work as your own. Depending on the circumstances, this behavior can result in some very negative consequences.

The most common negative effect of using other people’s work in your essay is a bad grade or failing the class altogether. Schools these days use rather advanced plagiarism checking software and can instantly detect even the smallest plagiarized fragments.

A bad grade or failing the class will have a drastic negative effect on your academic record and future prospects. There is a slim chance that your teacher will be kind enough to allow you to rewrite the paper, but that takes extra time that you could have spent doing something more important.

An even worse consequence of handing in a plagiarized essay is fine. From a legal point of view, plagiarism is a very serious offense that can be punished by a considerable fine or even short term incarceration. And you definitely don’t want either of those things to happen to you!

How Do Teachers Detect Plagiarism?

There are many ways for a teacher to spot plagiarism in an essay submitted by a student, and some experienced teachers can actually tell whether a paper has been plagiarized with a single look at the text. However, most teachers today resort to one of the three methods of checking the papers for originality:

  • Manually checking the papers. This method takes lots of time, but it’s a great option for teachers who are very familiar with the subject. By checking your list of references and carefully studying the text of the essay, the teacher will be able to spot the plagiarized fragments and take appropriate measures.
  • Using online plagiarism checkers. There are dozens of non-plagiarism services that give everyone an opportunity to submit a paper and highlight any plagiarized sentences and paragraphs. Most of these services are available on a paid basis, but since they allow the teacher to check a large number of papers in limited time, they are very popular in modern schools.
  • Downloading plagiarism checking software. Some of the most popular plagiarism checkers are available as downloadable software, which makes the process of detecting plagiarism even easier. By having a program installed on the computer, any teacher can give your essay a check within minutes.

It’s worth noting that plagiarism checking software and online services are getting more advanced by the minute. They are regularly updating their algorithms and are able to detect even rewritten fragments, not just phrases and sentences directly copied from other sources. That is why submitting a 100% original essay is your only chance for a good grade and maintaining your reputation.

How to Write Non Plagiarized Essay

If you already understand the importance of handing in plagiarism-free paper, you may be wondering: how exactly can you avoid the possibility of facing fines and bad grades due to a plagiarized paper?

At the end of the day, there is only one way to make your paper plagiarism-free, and that’s to include only original writing into your essay. It means that you cannot copy even short phrases from other people’s papers, and every quote you use should be properly referenced.

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