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A critical analysis essay is something you don’t encounter very often in your student life, but when you do, the single thought of having to write a critical analysis paper is enough to fill your heart with dread. However, it doesn’t have to be like that!

A critical essay is a type of written assignment where your job as a writer is to evaluate a piece of work from another author. It can be a book, a movie, or even a work of art like a painting or a sculpture.

The main reason why so many students struggle with writing a critical analysis essay is that in order to do a good job and get a decent grade on your assignment, you need to have plenty of essential knowledge and skills. Plus, you need to have a deep understanding of the piece you are evaluating, which can be hard if it’s a large book or a three-hour movie that you need to read or watch several times before any type of conclusion can be formed.

Why Is Composing A Critical Writing Essay So Difficult?

Even if you have studied the piece you are analyzing several times and fully understood everything about it, it still doesn’t mean that you can sit and write a critical essay that will impress your professor and fellow students. The most common challenges of a critical thinking essay include:

  • The inability to completely understand the topic of the work and the author’s reasoning behind it. You cannot successfully analyze a piece if you have little to no idea what it is about and what made the author create this particular piece of work.
  • The lack of critical analysis skills. In order to do a convincing job with your critical essay, you need to determine whether the author was successful in delivering his point of view to the audience. This task is nearly impossible to complete if you don’t possess significant critical analysis skills.
  • The lack of time. Students these days are always pressed for time. If your critical essay assignment is only one of the many tasks you need to complete, you risk not having enough time to fully study the subject of your essay and do a deep analysis of the piece.

To put it simply, there is a big chance that you were told to write a critical analysis paper but were not taught how to do it. You may spend hours frantically researching how to write a critical essay, but at the end of the day, without a solid knowledge and skill base, all you can expect is a mediocre grade after days of hard work.

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