50 Best Essay Writing Topics and Tips for Choosing Your Topic

Writing an essay only seems like a relatively easy task compared to some other academic assignments like coursework and dissertation. In reality, there are dozens of things you need to take care of if you want to write a good essay. One of them if choosing the right topic for your paper.

There are occasional essay assignments where you are given a topic by your instructor. This way of writing an essay has obvious disadvantages — for example, it can turn out that you don’t really care or know enough about your essay topic, which can stand in the way of strong writing.

However, being able to choose your own topic is also not always a positive start to your writing process.

The task of choosing a topic writing essay is never an easy one. You want to pick a topic you feel passionate about, but it should also be easy to research and write about. Plus, it needs to be relevant to your current studies and match the academic level of your class. With all these things to take into account, it’s not surprising that good topics to write an argumentative essay on are hard to come by.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Essay Topics

Even if you are not new to the task of writing essays and this is your fifth, twentieth, or fiftieth essay, you can still benefit from learning how to write an essay topic. Here are 5 tips that will help you pick the best topic every time.

  • Choose a topic you are personally interested in. It is nearly impossible to do a good job with an essay that you don’t feel passionate about. You should have plenty of thoughts about the essay subject if you want to write a strong paper.
  • Pick something you know a lot about. Being interested in your essay topic is one thing, but you also cannot write a good essay if you have little to no knowledge on the subject.
  • Narrow down your topic. The first thing that jumps to your mind can be very interesting, but if it’s too broad, you are going to have a hard time fitting all the information into the limited essay format.
  • Do plenty of research. It is absolutely not possible to write a convincing essay if you don’t research the topic well. By the time you begin writing, you should be a real pro in the topic you choose.
  • Consider your old essay topics. If it’s an assignment for a different class but you have written an essay on a similar topic before, you can reuse your research and fragments of the writing in your current assignment.

50 Best Topics for Essay Writing

Still struggling with finding the right topic for your essay? Here are some of the best essay writing topics in English that you can use for your inspiration.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should schools introduce armed security?
  • Not all students should go to college.
  • Should our country welcome more immigrants?
  • The smoking age should be raised to 21.
  • Advertisements should be banned from children’s TV.
  • Should we make English the official language of the world?
  • College tuition should be free for everyone.
  • Fast food should not be available at schools.
  • The electoral college is outdated and should be replaced.
  • Fake news is not as bad as everyone says.

Narrative Essay Topics

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  • How did you come to the decision to choose your major?
  • Explain why it’s so important to vote in elections.
  • Who is someone you can call a bad leader?
  • How did pop culture shape you as a person?
  • Talk about a particularly fond memory from your childhood.
  • Who was the most inspirational person you met in your life?
  • Why is the younger generation less passionate about books?
  • What is the one technology that influenced you the most?
  • How do you personally contribute to solving environmental problems?
  • What would you want to say to a 10-year old you?

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • There should be no division of toys for boys and girls.
  • We should ban mobile phones from school.
  • The prison system should be completely reformed.
  • Voting age should be limited by 80 years old.
  • Free speech law should not apply to social media.
  • Birth control should be made available more freely.
  • Every family needs a pet.
  • Genetically engineered people are a threat to society.
  • Community service is not an effective punishment for criminals.
  • Communism is not as bad as it is portrayed.

Controversial Essay Topics

  • Most obese people have bad eating habits.
  • Video games promote violence.
  • We cannot stop global warming.
  • Vaccination should be mandatory in schools.
  • We should make our immigration laws more severe.
  • Euthanasia should be made legal everywhere.
  • Bullying can only happen when the teacher allows it.
  • In a few decades, we will all work for China.
  • TV shows are now more interesting than movies.
  • Everything said on TV can be viewed as propaganda.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • The effect of getting married at a young age in your adult life.
  • We contribute to the current state of the environment every day.
  • How does alcohol abuse affect teens?
  • How did Japan manage to become the most technologically advanced country?
  • The effect of stricter gun control on gun violence.
  • Causes and effects of popular diet fads.
  • Using technology is medicine.
  • Is it better to postpone marriage until later in life?
  • What if the wrong person was elected our leader?
  • Airport screenings are not very effective in combating terrorism.

These essay topics can be used to produce a good essay, but even the most popular argumentative essay topics are only the first step of your writing process. If you feel like you cannot finish your essay on time and do a good job with it, you can always order your paper from our writing service.

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